Using Sex Toys as Escorts Safely.

Adult sex toys have surely evolved since 54BC during which Cleopatra created the initial vibrator by placing a swarm of livid bees into a fruit shell which is hollowed-out. It is nowadays normal due to the likes of the Fifty Shades of Grey sensation and the Sex and the City and, these adult sex toys are openly available and they come in diverse ways of appealing shapes, colors, sizes as well as materials.Resulting from this newfound social openness nature, it is likely that your client may wish or request to use a sex toy when they are in a booking; hence as with any other feature of escorting, it is very important to be prepared in order to be in a position to do so hygienically as well as safely.To add to the safety factor offered by adult toys, they can also offer escorts. For example, intensified sexual pleasure feeling for the client as well as an enhanced experience, a very much desired break from numerous sexual activities, and finally giving clients who are disabled or having erectile dysfunction the aid they so need in order to

achieve sexual fulfilment during intimate moments.Nonetheless, adult sex toys can be a good option as part of joined sex but there exist certain things that escorts need to know in order to prevent sexually transmitted diseases as well as avoid any subsequent unnecessary worry. They include the following;
One should practice adult sex toys on themselves first. One should always communicate with their client and only experiment with only what they feel comfortable with. Use the correct toys for the job. Always clean adult sex toys. Use condoms when using sex toys. Vary vibrations. Never use massage oil to act as a lubricant. Be in the know about sex toy materials. Never go from back to front. If it is in the wrong place or too big never force it.